Acton Forum for Asia Pacific Affairs


The Acton Forum for Asia Pacific Affairs (AFAPA) was a study group engaged in the analysis of the Asia-Pacific region. The Forum was formed in 2014 by two senior undergraduate students of the Australian National University, Hugh Shin and Chae Kyoun Ha. It operated for almost 4 years until December 2017.

Its mission was to promote interest in the Asia-Pacific region among Korean students at the ANU and to share knowledge and perspectives of young students about international, security and social affairs of the region.

The Forum had ANU Associate Professor Hyung-A Kim as its patron. Associate Professor Kim is currently teaching Korean Politics and History. She completed her MA and PhD at the ANU and authored Korea’s Development under Park Chung Hee: Rapid Industrialization 1961-1979, RoutledgeCurzon (2004). She was the first Director of the Australia-Korea Leadership Forum at the ANU.

The Forum had accepted op-ed and essay submissions, written either in English or Korean, and published them online on an irregular basis. It ceased publication in 2017.

All submissions are still licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License, and can be redistributed without any further permission sought providing that the original author of the work is credited.


Hugh S. Shin (BINSS, Australian National University)
Chae Kyoun Ha (BIR, Australian National University)
Woojin Jung (BIR Hons, Australian National University)
Siwon Kwak (BINSS, Australian National University)
Kyu Eun Kim (BA, Yonsei University)
Connie Park (LLB/GDLP, Australian National University)
Meriel Suhyeon Lee (BIR, Australian National University)
Kihwan Lee (BSc, Australian National University)


  1. 테러리즘 – Hugh S. Shin
  2. 인간안보 – Hugh S. Shin
  3. 일본 작품의 우익관을 대하는 시선 – Chae Kyoun Ha
  4. What does the Asian Century mean for Australia’s security? – Hugh S. Shin
  5. 중국의 굴기: 과거의 번영을 그리워하는 중국 – Siwon Kwak
  6. 국방정책 대안: 무장중립 정책과 호주 국방 – Hugh S. Shin
  7. 통일세대: 분단비용을 아는가? – Woojin Jung
  8. How far can Australia rely on America always being there to ensure Australia’s security? – Hugh S. Shin
  9. What is Internal Security? – Hugh S. Shin
  10. Constructing a Security Issue: Evaluating Peter Hough’s view – Hugh S. Shin
  11. Away from Anti-Japanese Sentiment: Tracing Korean Economic Development – Kyu Eun Kim
  12. Is Armed Neutrality an effective alternative for Australia’s defence? – Hugh S. Shin
  13. 소수민족, 중국 내부 갈등의 불씨가 되나 – Siwon Kwak
  14. North Korea’s Nuclear Ambitions: What can be done to denuclearise the Korean peninsula – Meriel Suhyeon Lee
  15. Preparing for the possibility of regime collapse in the DPRK – Siwon Kwak
  16. ‘국내 안보’란 무엇인가? – Hugh S. Shin
  17. Are Acid Sulphate Soils a significant environmental risk in both coastal and inland settings? – Kihwan Lee
  18. Are rising powers inevitably threatening: The case of China – Siwon Kwak
  19. Can international organisations contribute to Myanmar’s educational development? – Meriel Suhyeon Lee
  20. Is Japan a great power? Will Japanese power rise or decline in future? – Siwon Kwak
  21. 미·중 관계의 평화로운 세력전이 가능성 – Hugh S. Shin
  22. 코펜하겐 학파의 안보화 이론: 정치적 안보와 사회적 안보 – Hugh S. Shin
  23. 외교정책의 분석수준을 통합하여 설명할 수 있는 가능성과 조건 – Woojin Jung
  24. 아태지역 군비확대경쟁과 전쟁의 위협 – Hugh S. Shin
  25. The Proliferation of North Korea’s WMD and Its Implications on International Security – Hugh S. Shin